pictures of pi events and proclamations

[picture: Lukas Mueller in Vienna]
Proclaiming Pi!
Lukas Müller in Vienna
July 14, 1996

The prayer in the desert Arizona, November 1996

Pi at a viennese "Heuriger" September 1996

Pi on St. Nicholas' Day Switzerland - Dezember 6, 1996

Celebrating Pi Day in Vienna

Pi Day in Waldsassen/Germany 3/14/1997

A most elevated proclamation of Pi Pik Lenin, 7134m
August 12, 1997

A quintuple height record:
Pi on Aconcagua, Argentinia, 6960m Jänner 6, 1998

"Silly Birds" proclaiming Pi Zürich/Switzerland, August 1997

Pi in Green River Valley!
USA - September 10, 1997

Pi at ((pi+pi)+(pi*pi))/2 o'clock Vienna - September 11, 1997
[Bild: Ted Rolle]
First Pi ambassador!
Ted Rolle, Oregon, USA
Portland, January 27, 1998

Pi in Vienna's Giant Wheel
April 1, 1998
[Bild: Pi Day 1998]
Pi Day 1998
[Bild: Jogi's wedding]
Jogi's wedding with Pi & Pia
May 8, 1998
[Bild: first pi gallery!]
First pi gallery vernissage
Berlin, May 8, 1998, 3:14pm
[Bild: HLY proclaiming Pi]
HLY proclaiming Pi
Leipzig (Germany), July 11, 1998
[Bild: Silly Bird Balloon Project]
Silly Bird Balloon Project
Aim: proclaiming pi in 20000m height
[Bild: Proclaiming pi in free fall]
A most rapid proclamation of Pi
November 1, 1998

A hottest proclamation of Pi!
797 places at 92 degrees Celsius


All pictures shown above were taken by members of the "Friends of Pi club".
All pi happenings performed by the Friends of Pi aimed at upholding and celebrating the spirit of Pi.

May Pi be with us!

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