A most rapid proclamation of PI

Christian Kreuzer, our daring pi-knight (see below, in full gear) - well-known for proclaiming PI from high altitudes - has achieved a new world record!

On November 1, 1998, Christian proclaimed the first 100 digits of PI during free fall at a speed of app. 110 miles/hour. This being the official examination to be accepted as a full member of our club, the president, Albert, took part in the jump - attached to the trained tandem pilot Peter Widhalm - to ensure correct procedures.

Therefore, we declare this event as the

most rapid proclamation of PI by a living human being without any direct technical support.

Christian, Albert and Peter left the aircraft at an
exit altitude of app. 11.000 feet.
Opening altitude was app. 3.600 feet,
time of freefall: app. 45 sec.
speed: app. 110 miles/hour

Due to the slightly problematic communication during freefall, Christian recited the 100 digits additionaly directly before take off and directly after landing. He was therefore accepted as the 17th full member. The event took place in Bad Vöslau, 25 miles south of Vienna (Austria).

The tandem pilot, who brought the president securely back to earth, already contributed substantially to a successful proclamation of PI before: His support and commitment made it possible to announce PI from the summit of Pik Lenin and to document the memorable event.
For giving that much substantial support, Peter Widhalm is accepted as new associated member of the club.

Pictures from the event!

The Friends of Pi Club
November 3, 1998