A most elevated proclamation of Pi

7134m, Pik Lenin

Our beloved number has been raised to new heights!

The message of pi was spread from Pik Lenin, 7134m (23405 ft), near the border between Kirgisien and Tadschikistan by our bold and keen, most daring and venturous pi knight Christian Kreuzer.
This great event took place on August 12, 1997.

It was a most elevated proclamation of pi
which is why we declare this event hereby as a
height world record!

Christian Kreuzer (left) and Pi
on Pik Lenin, 7134m (23405 ft)

Here is the proof: The image shows Christian Kreuzer (left) and the symbol Pi on the summit of Pik Lenin.

May Pi be with him!

March 12, 1998
Friends of Pi