Don't speak any german, uh?

Yes, I admit: Many pages of are in german only, for several reasons: First, I just don't find the time to translate everything to english; Second, several pages are probably only relevant for people from the austrian/german area (like my protest page against the austrian right-wing "freedom party"); and third, several pages present texts from austrian/german poets or philosophers or such.

So if you only speak english but still want to have a look at, then I can recommend the following stuff:
  • King Wasi I. Most of my english pages are reachable from the old King Wasi page which still looks like it did when I made it up in 1996. (I was observing at Kitt Peak Observatory at that time and had a lot of bad weather nights.) Several links, however, might be outdated.
  • Yes! Wasi is doing research! My research pages are all in english of course; but unless you are astronomer, you probably don't want to have a look at those.
  • 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197... My beloved number! Unfortunately, the english version of the Friends of Pi club is very poor compared to the german one, and it also still looks like it did ages ago. Even without understanding german, you could additionally have a look at the german pi adoration page and the subsequent pages: admission tests, pi proclamation, more happenings and pi is everywhere. You will find a lot of fancy pictures there! At least I like them :-)
A few more minor pages to recommend:
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The rise of Qawwali! Best music ever! Nice pictures of Nusrat and even some information in english.
  • Schubert lieder. Click on the first and the third song cycle (Schöne Müllerin / Schwanengesang): you'll find the english translations there!
  • old, black & beautiful. Text is german only, but never mind: See pictures of my old and ancient bikes. They are very good friends! (Yes, I collect old bicycles.)
  • Water of life. I spent a year in Scotland and got into whisky drinking there... you might wanna try a wee dram.
  • nothing. Finally, here's a page where you will find nothing. "Nichts" means "nothing" in german, so you'll understand this! ;-)    One of my oldest pages actually, made up back in 1995. Yes, web creation was easy at that early times!
  • potsdam squatters. I almost forgot: recently I put up a few ad-hoc pages on (which now hosts, previously on You might want to follow the first link to bonnie potsdam and find some squatter pictures from the town where I spend most of my time currently. keep on squating!
Apart from that, you can have a look at my personal page at (I recommend todays meal!)
If you feel like contacting me, find all you need on my contact page.