don`t run away!

it's just me!

unda permenent cunstructschn

('cause I'm still developing!)

The worlds most uninteresting facts about KING WASI I.:

* What I am: human being, homo sapiens sapiens ;-)
* Apart from that: Ex-Astrophysicist
* Height: about 100 meters above sea level
* Weight: increasing with about 0.5 kg per year
* Eyes: two, coloured
* Born: probably, I can't remember; must have been somewhat 'bout 38 years ago (according to my mother)
* Hair: ye, quite enough; my grandma says I look like a girl
* Where I am: Vienna, Austria
* When I am:
* Why I am: that's slightly less clear...
* Motto: de omnibus dubitandum
* Favorite number: pi - of course!
* Shoe size: 42 (what else?!)
* Favorite composer: J. S. Bach
* Favorite music piece: 4'33 by John Cage
* Favorite Lied: Der Leiermann (Schubert, Winterreise)
* Favorite genres in modern music: Dub, Trip Hop, D'n'B
* Favorite genre in pakistani music: Qawwali
* Favorite Religions: Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Atheism, Spiritualism, Rastafarianism
* Favorite Poets: Rilke, Morgenstern, Eugen Roth
* Favorite Philosophers: Wittgenstein, Nietzsche
* Favorite living Philosopher: Peter Singer
* Preferred sentences: "I see.", "So what?!", "Right!"
* Favorite proverb: "Sitting peacefully, doing nothing. Spring comes, and the grass grows all by itself."
* Favorite meal: todays meal
* Favorite movement: pulsation
* Favorite liquid: blood
* Favorite bone: skull
* Favorite hero: loser
* Anticipated state of mind: awakening
* Current state of mind: trying to get focused
* Previous state of mind: crazy and full of colours
* Pre-previous state of mind: learning to fly
* Before that: confused
* And before that: disenchanted
* And even before: dead
* Favorite spice: Cardamom
* Favorite sprouts: Alfalfa
* Favorite grain flaker: Eschenfelder
* Favorite bitters: Gammel Dansk
* Favorite whisky: Laphroaig
* Favorite bicycle: Jester
* Favorite star: EI Eridani (perforce)
* Favorite telescope: the Coudé Feed at KPNO, Arizona (small but good: it works and works and works ...)
* Nerdity Quotient: 45.2%
* Aim: having no aims
* Hope: nope
* My personal advice: be yourself - no matter what they say.
* Last updated: April 4, 2010
* forget about the rest ...

page opened: January 17, 1996