todays meal faq
frequently asked questions
here are the most frequently asked questions:

 * My goodness! This is so sick!!!
  That's a comment, not a question. Please put it in the guestbook.

 * I can't believe what I'm seeing! -- Are you mentally deranged?
  No, why!? -- You don't eat food?

 * This is so ugly!! Why are you doing this?!
  It's not ugly, it's marvelous!

 * I still can't believe it! I mean... WHY?! why are you doing this?!?
  Gosh! Counter question: are you deranged? -- What's so abnormal about paying particular attention to a most important every-day procedure, just one which is normally being done without making much fuss of it. Above all one that we usually enjoy...

 * . . . . .
  Don't turn pale! I certainly do enjoy it. And no, I'm not masochistic. I enjoy eating.

 * Okay, after all, it's at least something you look at, it's an eye-catcher. But honestly: It doesn't feel like I would want to taste it!
  You would, if you were hungry, with me being around and about to finish todays meal. Believe me: it really is delicious! I'm serious!

 * Are you hungry?
  Regularly, yes. Aren't you?

 * This is really something, indeed! But just why do you make all the effort to put up this web page?
  Cause I like my meal and... mmmh... actually I don't really know. Maybe I'll find out. But that's not the point. There's no need to justify your dispositions. I mean, if you feel like doing it, do it! as long as you don't hurt anyone. Your life is absurd and your inclinations constitute your activities sufficiently. So, just do it and save your why's for questions where they should be asked!

 * So where should I ask my why's?
  Oh come on! This is the todays meal faq, not the life and universe and everything faq. Let's ask questions that are more todays-meal related.

 * Okay. So why do you use such a limited variety of vegetables?
  In winter, I eat potatoes, cabbage and carrots as I don't want my meal to fly around the world before it ends up in my pot.

 * What happened on October 23, 2003 ?
  The first todays meal was presented.

 * Yes, but I mean what happened to you? How the heck did you come up with this idiotic idea?
  It just happened. - To be honest: I just wanted to test my new digital camera. However, I was so pleased with this picture that I decided to start a series.

 * Some people call this site "todays vomit". How do you feel about this?
  I know those people!!! They won't live long!!!!!

 * Don't you think the vomit objection has some sort of validity? What is your reply?
  No one who ever tasted todays meal was inclined to vomit. Far from it, most asked for more. However, lust and suffering are known to be an ageless couple.

 * There are often gaps in between two meals, days without todays meal. What do you eat on those days?
  Yesterdays meal.
I usually prepare three to four servings, so if no one joins me, it lasts for two to three days.
Mmmh... maybe I should make up another folder for "yesterdays meal"?

 * What do the meals from January 30 and the very first one have in common?
  Find out by yourself! (It's not the spoon!)

 * What happened in January 2004? Did you contact the paprika mafia and they agreed to finance you?
  I spend January 2004 in Budapest, that's how I got into the paprika phase.

 * What about February 2004? Did you run out of bread? Your early todays meals all contain bread, your later ones don't. Why?
  There is time for bread and time for no bread. (Kohelet)

 * What is miso?
  A gift from god to the humans, according to japanese mythology.

 * I have more questions.
  Please put them in the guestbook and I will answer them here.

todays meal is presented to you by wasi