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  • sequence of pain, fatu hiva, summer 2005    [german]
  • my phd (Dec. 2004)
  • here are some pictures from our second pi conference on sept. 17/18, 2004
  • jogi, head of schrege vögel, observed my favorite star ei eridani!    [german]
  • astro : autm
  • astro : calc
  • GESCHMACKLOS! wasi entlarft nasa-bild des marsbodens als schwindel! (29. Jan. 2004)    [german]
  • observing with the konkoly 24" cassegrain telescope (see building): sky image of RR Geminorum (Jan 15)
  • here you can see my colleague Michi eating todays meal (Jan 13)
  • view from my bedroom window at konkoly (Jan 12)
  • view from my bedroom window at konkoly (Jan 11)
  • first bread at konkoly observatory! (Jan 10)
  • view from my bedroom window at konkoly (Jan 9)
  • i'm at konkoly again!!! (Jan 7)
  • here is my suggestion for a stamp "25 years of Doppler Imaging"
  • was ist nötig, um gemütlich und zufrieden in der einöde zu leben?    [german]
  • my new bike philipp (Oct. 28, 2003)
  • those phd losers from the aip (Oct 16, 2003)
  • this is where i live (july 15, 2003)
  • looks like we had a bhangra party at the aip on july 25!
  • mr. faltenbacher is the guy who sits right next to me at the aip. we are both serious scientists.
  • so what are we doing at the astrophysical institute potsdam? (juni 2004)
  • wasi's recent past / wasi's jüngste vergangenheit (april 2003)
  • wasi joining a peace demonstration in vienna/eu on march 23
  • wasi reciting pi on pi day 2003 (picture book release party)
  • if you see someone looking like this, it's me
  • coming soon: all you (n)ever wanted to know about speciesism
    deutsch: speziesismus im vormarsch! was sie schon (n)immer
    darüber wissen wollen.
    okay, here is the speciesism prerelease. it's almost completed by now.    [german]


    april 2003
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