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Welcome to the Friends of Pi Club!

The main objective of our club is to uphold, promote and celebrate the spirit of Pi!

The nature of the number Pi has preoccupied and bothered mathematicians since the beginning of mathematical history. The most important properties of Pi are its irrationality and transcendence, which were established in 1766 by Lambert and 1882 by Lindemann, respectively. In the twentieth century the focus has been on a different sort of question, that is whether Pi is normal or not.

Simply spoken, it's the question whether Pi is random. Do all digits occur equally often within Pi or will we possibly some time discover a place after which for example only 0's and 1's appear?

The Friends of Pi bring up a new question beyond the horizons of irrationality, transcendence and normality - by asking:

Is Pi aesthetic?


c i r c u m f e r e n c e 2 0 0 4


The latest official Pi calculation record:
206,158,430,000 digits!

Unofficial Pi calculation record (by Y. Kanada):
1,241,100,000,000 digits!

[The Picture Book]
PictureBook presentation by JVS on Pi Day 2003 in Zwickau/Germany
==> PictureBook

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The World's largest pi mosaic

The discovery of a 2345-digits egg
Easter 2001

the number pi is godlike!

* The Adoration of Pi *
* Proclaiming Pi *
* A most elevated proclamation of Pi *
* A most rapid proclamation of Pi: 110 miles/hour in free fall! *
* First pi ambassador! Ted Rolle, Oregon (USA) *
* Complete Senselessness (a tribute to Pi) *
* Is Pi normal? *
* Proof: Pi is irrational *
* Circle Digits - A Self-Referential Story *

* Pi Happenings *

* The Friends of Pi *
* The Friends of Pi in pictures *
* Regulations of the Club *

Listen to Pi!
The Pi-Phony

The Personal Pi sign!

The reanimated polyphon
Listen to Pi!

The HAMPI-Installation
in South India


Pages by our members:

* The Magic PiWorld by J. Volkmar Schmidt and Hael Yggs
* Stu's PI Page: Timings for the fastest PI programs on the planet for the PeeCee Dedicated to home-based Pi computing!
(There's still some interesting information on the old Friends of Pi Abroad page!)

* Order David Blatner's book: The Joy of Pi
* Franz Gnädinger: Primary hill and rising sun A method of calculating pi probably discovered by Imhotep and refined by the unknown builder of the great pyramid at Giza.

Pages of our honorary members:
* Olle's pi page
* Play Eve's Pi Trivia Game!


click here for a pi cartoon * 100 digits are necessary for admission.
* 31416 digits of Pi are even more beautiful.
* Mathematical Pi literature
* Other Pi pages on the WWW
* Bring in your opinion!
* Selected Comments
* German version (with much more information!)


But now for something completely different!!


The Uselessness of Pi and its irrational friends.

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