The Senselessness of Pi

As you can easily imagine, calculating pi to a billion and more and more digits is completely senseless. In order to determine one's position on a circle with the radius of earth to a millimeter it's enough to use 10 digits of pi. If the radius is as long as the distance earth - sun you need 15 digits.

I'd like to draw a better comparison in order to elucidate the incredible accuracy of 100 digits of pi (which are necessary for admission to our club):

Imagine a sphere with a radius from earth to sirius (8.7 lightyears). Fill it up with bacilli such that each cubic millimetre contains 1 trillion ( = 1 000 000 000 000) bacilli. Now string them all to a row so that the intervall between the first and the second bacillus amounts to the distance earth - sirius, the same with the second and third bacillus, the third and fourth, and so on. Take the distance from the first to the last bacillus as the radius of a sphere. Calculating the circuit of that sphere by using 100 digits of pi results in an error smaller than a ten millionth of a millimetre!!!

So why do we need 51 billion digits of pi and more?

Because pi is most beautifull! Calculating more digits of pi increases the amount of beauty in the world!

Friends of Pi